Introducing the Capital Philharmonic of New Jersey


Our Distinguished Board of Trustees:


Gloria S. Teti – PRESIDENT

Civic Leader



Principal, Clarke Caton Hintz


Melissa Bohl – SECRETARY

Westminster Conservatory, CPNJ Principal Oboe

Anthony J. Warga--TREASURER

Accounting Consultant, Lear & Pannepacker

Daniel Spalding (ex officio) – MUSIC DIRECTOR

Jill Aguayo

Sales Associate, Coldwell Banker


Lynne Azarchi

Director, Kidsbridge Tolerance Center


Sarah Dash

Singer and Actress


Stephen Doyle, AIA

Associate, Clarke Caton Hintz


Lydia Fabbro Keephart, Esquire

Partner, Pellettieri Rabstein & Altman


William J. Keephart, CPA, P.A.

Treasurer Emeritus


Omelan Kotsopey, DMD

1100 Dental


Steven Kyle

Music educator, CPNJ Musician


Bernard McMullan, PhD

Consultant on Program Evaluation and Strategic Planning


Mark Pepper, MD

Civic Leader


Pauline Perkins

Civic Leader


Jane Rosenbaum, PhD

Faculty, Rider University


Joseph P. Teti

Civic Leader











                                                 Our hardworking Board of Trustees at a recent retreat with facilitator Jane Silverman (second from right).

Who we are:


The Capital Philharmonic Orchestra of New Jersey was  founded in the fall of 2013 in a quest to make Trenton a proud, culturally integrated, musical beacon of renewal. We believe that Trenton deserves investments in cultural leadership for our kids and seniors, our business community, our educators, and our civic entrepreneurs.  Even in this short time, these groups have embraced our vision and awarded us sponsorships, partnerships, publicity, board service, and concert attendance. Our mission “to change lives and enhance quality of life by providing Trenton and its surrounding communities with a locally-based high quality professional symphony orchestra” is unfolding successfully.


How did we come about? The simultaneous demise of established classical orchestras on both sides of the Delaware River, the abandonment of Trenton concerts by the New Jersey Symphony, and the new availability of the iconic and luxuriously refurbished War Memorial Patriots Theater presented a unique opportunity to begin anew and to fill a void in the local musical and cultural landscape. Seizing the moment, a distinguished 16-member Board of Trustees was carefully chosen to include dedicated community leaders, people already known as movers and shakers in business and the arts. We are already serving as a strong complement to the cultural heritage of Trenton and surrounding areas and most importantly, the Capital Philharmonic is now a driving force in the economic renaissance of downtown Trenton.


We are now embarking on our 9th season, promising more unique concert experiences as presented by our innovative Music Director, Maestro Daniel Spalding. We hope to see you there!

                                                                              A Message from the Music Director

Dear Music Lovers,


We are beginning a new era for Trenton as we launch our 9th season. I invite you to join me and our musicians, dedicated board members, and volunteers in a journey of hope to restore and reinvigorate the musical life in Trenton. We will do it with passion for the traditions we hold dear but also mindful of our changing times. And I promise you I will give it my all to make The Capital Philharmonic a treasured jewel that will bring our community a sense of pride. We are about world class music making using our local wealth of resources, engaging our community and contributing to Trenton’s own renaissance.


Music is a powerful engine that inspires us, consoles us in moments of loss and uplifts our spirits. It brings us together and fortifies our sense of community and releases energy into our world. Let us start another century of rich musical tradition in Trenton together. If circumstances allow us in this extraordinary time, please join us for our 2021-2022 season, bring your family and friends along, and we will play our hearts out for you.


Looking forward to seeing you soon,



Daniel Spalding


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The Capital Philharmonic of New Jersey stands unequivocally against racism and oppression. We stand in full solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. At the same time, we recognize that classical symphonic music has too often been regarded as a vehicle of separation between those who are advantaged and those who are oppressed. We affirm today and every day that the stories, bodies, experiences, and contributions of black and brown people matter and have resulted in the expansion of contemporary symphonic repertoire. 


We stand with those who continue the fight against racial injustice in our society and are committed to working towards a future where the lives and contributions of persons of color are valued and celebrated. We are committed to the presentation of symphonic works by composers and performers of all races. We have not in the past, nor will we in the future, confine our repertoire to the European canon of classical works.  


Instead we will continue to expand our symphonic offering to include a diversity of musical perspectives and origins. Further, we believe that the future of local live symphonic music demands development of a local, multi-racial, diverse audience to appreciate the music we produce. We are committed to engaging our local community as active supporters and members of our audience.