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Spring is fast approaching, and a new season is in bloom. To celebrate, the Capital Philharmonic of New Jersey invites you to their lively rendition of Vivaldi’s “The Seasons”.


If you’re eager to sail on a musical voyage, the Capital Philharmonic of New Jersey has just the concert for you!


On New Year’s Eve, the Capital Philharmonic will perform its final concert of the year, ‘The Fabulous 40s and 50s: A Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald.’ 


A celebration of culture performed by some of New Jersey’s finest musicians? It sounds like music to our ears!


This exciting concert brings the rarely-melded melodies of guitar and traditional orchestra to bring the rhythms of Latin America to life. This concert features the music of Joaquin Rodrigo, Arturo Marquez, and Jose Pablo Moncayo.


the Capital Philharmonic of New Jersey will host another exciting installment in their chamber concert series, “Musical Fusion.” This vibrant performance will highlight the work of Antonio Vivaldi, Miguel Del Aguila, and more!



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Capital Philharmonic of New Jersey celebrates 10 Years with Maestro Daniel Spalding.

By John Gummere

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